Gervais Johnson
Chief Executive Officer

  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Leadership

Gervais Johnson worked for 18 years at IBM and has over two decades of experience and expertise in implementing and innovating solutions using Lean and Agile approaches and principles. Gervais continues to train and coach to empower individuals, teams, executives and whole enterprises. Gervais is a Software Delivery visionary and innovator contributing to emerging and disruptive technologies. Among many domains, he delivered enterprise transformation services in domains of IT and Software Engineering, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, and many more.

Joseph Barjis, PhD
Vice President

  • Enterprise Agility
  • Data Science AI/ML
  • Chief Product Officer for IEM System

Dr. Barjis is a co-founder of Enterprise Engineering field, sought after expert and international speaker, Agile Thought Leader, Trainer and Expert. He is a formal contributor to the popular SAFe® Framework.
Dr. Barjis led large scale Enterprise Agile Transformations, trained and coached leaders, and helps companies Enterprise Agile Transformation.
He is leading the Data Science (Data Analytics) area at IEM.

Product Leadership

Robert Jaeger, PE
Senior Director

  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology and Strategy
  • Product Management

Robert Jaeger is an Astrophysicist, Electrical Engineer and security expert with experience leading Digital Transformation in aerospace and medical research. He has managed projects and programs using classical ('waterfall') PM approaches, as well as SAFe Agile. His hands-on experiences as a 'serial founder' and Angel funding facilitator provide deep entrepreneurial and corporate growth understanding. His intellectual property creation spans multiple engineering and customer domains. He is experienced and passionate about extending SAFe beyond software generation and has trained many engineers in these approaches.

Eloziia Pfuze
SAFe POPM, SAFe SP, SAFe Scrum Master
Product Manager

  • Product Management
  • Operations Excellence
  • Engineering Management

Eloziia Pfuze is a seasoned professional who has made her mark in the industry with her diverse expertise and commitment to driving meaningful change. With over 5 years of experience at Accenture, she has honed her skills in product development, data analysis, and process improvement. As a co-founder of, she has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to bring innovative ideas to life.

Hiba Parol
Product Manager

  • Product Management
  • Operations Excellence
  • Engineering Management

Hiba Parol work at Amazon has provided her with project management and stakeholder engagement experience. Hiba is a life-long learner and a dedicated professional to drive successful outcomes for products and teams. Hiba is particularly focused on project management, strategy development, and effective communication, and believes these competencies are essential for a successful product management.

Coaching Leadership

Elizabeth James, RTE
Release Train Engineer
Agile Program Manager

  • Agile Practice
  • Engineering Management
  • Operational Excellence

Elizabeth is an RTE-Trainee for the IEM System inaugural Agile Release Train (ART). She has experience of work for IBM and possess expertise in Engineering Management, Operational Excellence, has Six Sigma Green Belt.

Syed Ali
Senior Manager
(Executive Scrum Master)

  • Executive Coaching
  • IT Management
  • Consulting

Syed has 7 years of consulting experience, Masters of Public Administrations, and Cyber Security certificate from Columbia University, 10 years of experience in Healthcare Information Systems and IT management. In the role of Executive Scrum Master, Syed is taking IEM to the next generation of Enterprise Agile Transformation approaches.

Business and Technology Leadership

Saranya Srinivasan
SAFe Scrum Master
Manager of Technology

  • Agile Tools
  • Website Administration
  • Engineering Management

Saranya has a professional Computer Engineering and Engineering Management background and is a specialist in Data Analytics. She has experience in isolating key performance metrics for industrial organizations. She believes that learning never ends and has broad exposure to the Computer industry, including automation and data analytics—operational excellence in System Engineering, Lean Management, and Agile Product Management.

Isaac Barjis
15 Years of Professorship
Director of Business Development
(US North-East Region)

  • Curriculum Design
  • Business Development
  • Marketing

Isaac Barjis, on top of having over a decade of full-time professorship experience at the City University of New York, has launched new businesses in California and New York, where he employed up to 50 full-time employees. Isaac served as a digital consultant for prestigious publishing companies McGraw Hill, and Prentice Hall and has developed numerous courses, and training programs, including training resources for them.