Enterprise Agility

One of the Primary research topics of the IEM is “Enterprise Agility” and “Agile Enterprise Engineering“. This research is built on number of disciplines, including “The discipline of Enterprise Engineering“, a foundational journal article and manifesto, led by Professor Jan Dietz and Jan Hoogervorst .

Dr. Joseph Barjis was one of the co-author of this foundational research work and a member of the original research group that founded this research at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

This research work was published in the Int. J. Organisational Design and Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp.86–114 (now the journal is called Organizational Design and Enterprise Engineering, published by Springer).

Enterprise Agile

IEM is actively fostering community building and disseminating knowledge and practice of Agile. The “Enterprise Agile” Meetup was founded by Gervais (Jay) Johnson in 2014 and later joined by colleagues, became a global community in Silicon Valley that attracted 1500+ members.

Prominent speakers used this platform to share their expertise and knowledge:

Pia Maria, Johanna Rothman, Kevin Goldsmith ( one of the creators of the Spotify Org), Carlos Valumbrosia (founder of Product School), Mary and Tom Poppendieck, Diana Larsen, Manual Pias (author of team topology), Em Campbell Pretty (renowned author), Rich Mironov, and Ron Lichty.

Videos of past presentations can be viewed in the community YouTube channel.