Scrum Developer Certified


Scrum is one of the Agile frameworks for Project Management. It employs an adaptive and iterative approach for managing projects and product development. It was formulated as a faster, more flexible way to deliver the greatest value in the least amount of time.

Our Agile and Scrum Certified Trainers will be leading intensive two-day Scrum Developer Certified (SDC)® course, which introduces and familiarizes you with core Scrum and Scrum methods through direct instruction and hands-on practice activities.
In this two day course you will be immersed in Scrum concepts through a series of exercises employing Scrum methods injected with current experiences.

Applicants will be awarded the Scrum Developer Certified (SDC) certificate by SCRUMstudy upon successfully passing the certification exam.

Course Objectives

  • To provide an understanding of the Scrum philosophy and principles
  • To provide practical knowledge of Scrum, including roles, meetings, and artifacts
  • To prepare students to be comfortable implementing Scrum in their organizations as well as managing common issues and roadblocks

Course Outcomes

  • Students will readily recognize, define, and work with the concepts, advantages, and challenges of the Scrum Framework.
  • Students will be prepared to understand and function appropriately as members of Scrum Teams in their organizations and help their organizations adopt the Scrum Framework. Furthermore, students will develop an understanding of the other roles in Scrum..
  • Students will participate in role plays, during which they carry out a Scrum project.
  • Students will gain knowledge pertaining to and the ability to anticipate issues related to the practical implementation of Scrum..
  • Students will be armed with the proper tools to address, resolve, and take the lead on Scrum issues in their organizations..
  • Students will be provided access to an online exam. After passing the exam, the student’s certificate will be mailed to him or her..

Course Methodology

  • We promise a highly engaging course that ensures high retention of concepts and theories.
  • Students are encouraged to work through the concepts rather than just listen to them— this provides better internalization and retention.
  • We conduct roleplays and discuss practical implementation issues for all parts of the Scrum flow.
  • Students work through a case study to simulate product development using the Scrum Framework.

Exam Format

  • 75 multiple choice questions
  • 90 minutes duration
  • Proctored online exam
  • One mark awarded for every right answer
  • No negative marks for wrong answers
  • Current Pass Rate: 98%