Network operators

Network operators define the security policies that decide which devices or applications comply with endpoint security requirements and will be allowed network access.

Responsible Responsibilities in Online Penetration Testing:
Imbalances in the operational and application architectures impacting a network can result in an operational outage.

Partners and organizations with the right information security teams and systems can protect their networks from malicious attacks.

Dependent on the size of a network and the types of services and assets accessed through it, every organization will have its own set of security requirements and build strategies for making sure those requirements are met, also there are resources and programs you can find for this in sites such as online.
Policies that protect and defend against potential security breaches also ensure an organization’s core functions are available 24/7 even in times of uncertainty.

Management Responsibilities:
As you begin your career in network and security testing, you will notice that you are starting in the trenches and taking the first steps of developing expertise that is needed to secure the infrastructure of today’s digital ecosystems.
The combination of network and application architecture expertise with advanced technical skills and tools enables professionals to make informed decisions about who gets network access and how that access is controlled.

You will become an expert on the critical communications, data, and threat detection and attack protection systems that protect the security of enterprise networks, as well as the software and applications that are used to manage them.

Depending on your level of experience, you may have a specific area of focus, or you could choose to specialize in a group of related areas to learn more about your chosen industry.

Some examples of what you will learn include:
Network security methodology and theory
Identifying and analyzing malicious devices and application vulnerabilities

The security strategies that protect an organization’s networks
Security and network resilience strategy and best practices
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