Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM) is a research, training, and consulting center.
It aims at new knowledge creation and innovative practice in the fields of Lean,-Agile, DevOps, Digital Transformation, Agile Enterprise Engineering, and Data Science.

It specializes in frameworks and methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe®, DEMO, and Modeling and Simulation, does research on these frameworks to enhance them.


  • World-class Subject Matter Expertise in Lean, Agile, DevOps, Digital Transformation, Organizational Design, and Process Improvement
  • Domains such as IT, aerospace, banking and financial services, healthcare, logistics and supply chain, and retail
  • Small-Medium Enterprises to flourish and succeed


  • Public, individual, and corporate courses on Agile, SAFe®, DevOps, Enterprise Engineering, and Data Science.
  • Capacity building and management training for Small-Medium Enterprises, Startups, and Female and Minority Managers


  • Engineering Agility, Organizational Design, Digital Transformation
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Participating in Ph.D. exam committees
  • Supervising graduate projects
  • Publishing peer-refereed papers

Founders of IEM, Joseph Barjis, and Gervais Johnson, combine decades of industry and academic experience in top companies (IBM, USA) and universities (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) resulting in a unique approach to coaching and training in a practically viable and scientifically sound manner.

  • Joseph has 20+ years of academic experience including 10 years of tenure at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), one of Europe's top universities.
  • Gervais has 25+ years of professional experience in managing large enterprise transformations and multimillion projects, including 18 years tenure at IBM (USA).

Joseph Barjis

Dr. Joseph Barjis is a co-founder of Enterprise Engineering field, sought after expert and international speaker, Agile Thought Leader, Trainer and Expert. He is a formal contributor to the popular SAFe® Framework.
Dr. Barjis trains and coaches to facilitate companies Agile transformation and enterprise transformation as a whole and leads enterprise engineering and business process improvement in particular.

He empowers companies to carry on their Agile journey successfully by developing in-house expertise and leaders.
He is also specializing in Small-Medium Enterprises with focus on training young managers and entrepreneurs.

Gervais Johnson

Gervais Johnson is a co-founder of ITEM. He has over two decades of experience and expertise in implementing and innovating solutions using Lean and Agile approaches and principles. Gervais continues to train and coach to empower individuals, teams, executives and whole enterprises. Gervais is a Software Delivery visionary and innovator contributing to emerging and disruptive technologies. Among many domains, he delivered enterprise transformation services in domains of IT and Software Engineering, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, and many more.